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Princ Caffe Turke

It is an original mix of original and selected beans of coffee, in compliance with unique recipes and designed for those who enjoy strong and...

Gold Espresso

Espresso gold is a wonderful mix, and is roasted in Italian style. With our expertise and technique in coffee industry you cannot expect...

Grande Aroma

Grande Aroma is a special mix of roasted coffee of premium quality with blended coffee, made of carefully picked beans with pleasant taste and flavour...

Prince Premium

Prince Premium Espresso is a mixture that gives you the opportunity to taste the highest quality of espresso...


This Morning, With Her, Having Coffee !


The main objective of Prince Coffee House is hospitality, guests have a choice and we do not want them to feel less than special. Prince Coffee House shows stimulating presence for development wherever it serves and anywhere else that will appear. Behaviors and actions make Prince Coffee House more than just a name or a product. Prince represents everything that we do